About Hourglass Collection

MHC Translighters DigitalMy Hourglass Collection (MHC) – the Biointernet Research project about Time and Space since 2007

My Hourglass Collection – Art, Science and Technologies

My Hourglass CollectionOnline Gallery Hourglasses

My Hourglass Collection – Contemporary Time Management Research

My Hourglass Collection – Jewelry Brand/Watch with the Biointernet technologies

My Hourglass Collection – Experiments time travel

My Hourglass Collection – Art Science Nouveau Objects


We have more then 400 objects in Hourglass Collection. Since 2016 we have Products and Art Objects, please see here

You can see My Hourglass Collection at the exhibition in The Biointernet School.

Main sources of our collection: antic stores, internet stores, friends and sponsors.

Thank you for Your Time!


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